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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal- Don’t listen! Go see for yourself!

As the saying goes,” Step in a Nepalese shoe to know what a real mountain looks like”. Nepal is like no other country when it comes to mountain and trekking. With the wide array of eight of the ten tallest mountains in the globe, trekking in Nepal will boggle your mind away. Furthermore, the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest resides in Nepal.

In today’s hectic world, nothing seems to quench your thirst for adventure other than a serene trek across the heart of the gigantic mountains. Many may find it a hard nut to crack to plan an adventurous holiday but trekking in Nepal is the real deal when it comes to scaling among any other holiday getaway.

Trekking in Nepal holds nobody to their limits of physical condition, age, or time. It offers a wide array of treks when it comes to choosing the right trekking trail for you and your loved ones. Either it is the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the Everest Base Camp Trek or any of the Off the Beaten Trails Trek, Trekking in Nepal is certain to astound you with its mind-boggling beauty.

The land of Gautam Buddha is rich not only in natural beauty but is flaunted equally by its multicultural and multi-ethnic presence. Trekking in Nepal is not just about wandering through the absolute wilderness but observing and witnessing the unadulterated culture of various communities all along the trek.

The mind-boggling panorama of the majestic mountain vistas is a sight worth seeing whereas the hospitality of Nepalese people will leave you awestruck. With the cultural motto of,” Atithi Devo Vawa” meaning guests are God, the divine hospitality of the Nepalese people is sure to make your experience of trekking in Nepal one in a million.

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