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Off The Beaten Trek

Off The Beaten Trek

Off The Beaten Trek 

Journey to the uncharted lands

The widely diversified topography of the nation makes trekking in Nepal an awesome gate away for people all across the globe. In order to meet the expectation of tourists about what a trek should be like, people here are always trying hard to meet your needs. These Off the Beaten Trek routes will ensure to bamboozle you with their unusual trekking trails festooned by the seer wilderness of the uncharted region.

Trekking is not just about visiting tourist destinations on foot. It is the perfect way to explore the uncharted wilderness that has long been hidden in the treasure chest of Mother Nature. This Off the Beaten Trek package features the astoundingly less explored beauty of Mother Nature to enthrall your heart with the stupendous glow of Mother Nature’s golden treasure. 

The off-the-beaten trek is not just about exploring uncharted lands but about witnessing the unusually alluring panorama of the majestic mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls, thick lush forests, endangered flora and fauna, spine-chilling gorges and an infinite number of awe-striking phenomena. Furthermore, the trails offer its visitor with one of a kind cultural and traditional experience accompanied by the heartwarming hospitality of the native people.

Various charismatic trekking trails such as; the Barpak Village Trek, The Rolwaling Valley Trek, The Rara Lake Trek, The Ganga Jamuna Trek, The Chepang Village Trek, and many other off-the-beaten trekking trails will pump you with the experience of putting the first step on the most wildered and unexplored land on Earth.

Join the enthralling off-the-beaten trek with your very own travel companion, Snow Bank Adventure to witness the sheer beauty of nature’s wildered land. We offer the thrilling Off the Beaten Trek with a motive to attain sustainable trekking development all over the country rather than only the famous regions such as; The Everest Region, The Langtang Region, The Annapurna Region, and many more.