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Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region Trekking

The propinquity of the Langtang Region to Kathmandu makes it a more willing place for trekkers. Though many trekkers might have safety concerns about trekking in this region after the destructive earthquake of 2015, it is hundred percent safe to trek in this region with the expert guidance of the team of Snow Bank Adventure.

The highly elevated lakes on the lap of majestic mountain vistas feature the Langtang Region as a must once-a-lifetime travel destination. Trekking in the Langtang Region is the best possible gate away for any trekking enthusiast looking for a perfect blend of nature and culture with a thrilling experience of the pure wilderness.

From the green lush forests to the glacial rivers every bit of nature adds up to making the Langtang Region the most enchanting place on earth. From the wilderness adventure of the Ganjala Pass Trek to the spiritual and tranquil journey of the Gosaikunda Trek and the thrilling experience of viewing the avalanche-washed mystical valley of the Langtang Valley Trek brooms the enthralling beauty of the Langtang region to the extreme.

The diversity of flora and fauna which can be witnessed in the Langtang National Park adds up the spark to light up the Langtang Region and make it visible to the entire trekking enthusiast all across the globe. Festooned by the wildered beauty of the cascading waterfalls, spine-chilling gorges, and sky-lining majestic mountain vistas, Langtang Region is one of the most intimidating trekking trails in Nepal.

Come trek in the enthralling Langtang Region filled with wilderness to enthrall your heart with the stupendous beauty of Mother Nature. Trek the Langtang Region with Snow Bank Adventure, your very own travel companion. With the highly trained team of Snow Bank Adventure, you are in safe hands.