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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal is probably the most suited adventure to do in Nepal. The presence of over 1900 snow-capped mountains makes Nepal the home of mountaineering. Snow Bank Adventure has knitted the itineraries of peak climbing in three iconic Mountains Island, Mera, and Lobuche.

Mountaineering has two different activities namely expedition and peak climbing. In the case of Nepalese mountaineering, climbing in mountains below 7 thousand meter height is considered peak climbing and expedition for the climbing of mountains above 7 thousand meter height.

Peak Climbing in Nepal is very technical in some mountains. However, the packages put forward by Snow Bank Adventure comprises itinerary suitable for novice climbers as well. The team of highly skilled and experienced Sherpa crew members will ensure a high success rate.

Peak Climbing in Nepal is popular in almost all trekking regions of Nepal. However, Snow Bank Adventure has knitted the itinerary of the Everest Region’s peaks. The climbing in the Khumbu region which is an abode of Mt. Everest as well as all the things required for the adventurous experience.

If you want to start your mountaineering voyage, it is wise to select peak climbing first. This would help climbers to get accustomed to the high demand of scaling snow-capped gigantic mountains. Snow Bank Adventure ensures safety and great hospitality while taking climbers to the top of the peak.

Book any of the Peak Climbing packages. Our experienced Sherpa team and fantastic office crew members will help you immensely fulfill the dream of being at the top of the mountain. Embark today for the mesmerizing and intrepid journey of topping the mountain. The view from the top of the mountain is always spectacular. You will feel captivated and inspired. The mountains which our travel planners have selected for peak climbing are the perfect platform to prepare you for higher expedition goals.

Island Peak Climbing

20 nights 21days
Mera Peak

Mera Peak Climbing

17 nights 18days
Lobuche Peak

Lobuche Peak Climbing

17 nights 18days